The underlying purpose of our Society is to empower Zimbabwean orphans and give them a chance to lead a fulfilling life. We seek to give the children long-term help in their own community in order to guarantee their basic education and general welfare. We place special emphasis on the education of girls.

In term I 2017, we have 380 youngsters in our programme. Of these, 336 are at primary and secondary school level; the remainder are in tertiary education. 

We try to keep the overall numbers low enough for staff members to get to know all the children and their home conditions individually. That way they can better understand the behaviour of pupils with different personalities and keep an eye on their school performance. We keep a record with photographs of every child.

We purposely maintain the gender balance so that it favours girls, as they still need more support in Zimbabwe than boys. Girls currently account for around 65% of the children in our programme. 

Several of our students have successfully completed courses in a range of subjects in higher education - in hairdressing, commerce, pharmatechnology, motor vehicle systems, nursing, tourism,dressmaking and teaching. Four students have gained bachelor's degrees, in accounting or in history/development studies. Two students are currently at university and four at technical college in Zimbabwe. One student is at Shanghai University and six are studying in South Africa.


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