About the Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society

Seppo surrounded by smiling faces at DZ 4 school



Our project aims to provide needy and talented orphans in Dzivarasekwa with a good basic education and long-term sustainable welfare

We use the funds we raise to pay the children's school fees (three terms a year), buy their school uniforms, sportswear, schoolbooks and equipment, cover their medical expenses, and pay for one daily hot meal. Depending on our resources, we also arrange for the children to take part in cultural and sports events and to visit game parks, museums, etc.


Children chosen for our programme are given a good start in life. The sound basic education they receive will empower them to build up their own country.  

We have about 400 Dzivarasekwa orphans in primary and secondary school plus some older ones at university or in other tertiary level education in Zimbabwe.

Our Activity Centre in Dzivarasekwa gives the children a place where they can:

  • - enjoy their daily hot meal
  • - do their homework
  • - attend extra lessons
  • - use the library
  • - receive support and guidance in matters concerng their studies, health and home
  • - receive IT instruction
  • - enjoy hobbies, music, acting etc

Our staff in Zimbabwe consist of a programme director, 2 field officers, a procurement officer, an accountant and 3-4 assistants.


The programme's strategy is to raise funds to support the education and welfare of poor, talented orphans in the Dzivarasekwa township of Harare

As part of this strategy we seek sources of financing for the children enrolled in the programme and ensure that the funds raised are used wholly for the benefit of the children.