Annual General Meeting was held on 29.4.2017


The Society's spring meeting approved the 2016 financial statements and discharged the 2016 Board of its responsibilty.

Our Chairman is still Peter Rehnström. We said warm tatenda to Esa Ojanen, Päivi Heikkinen and Hanna Aalto and welcomed Maria Ainamo McDonald, Elina Holmström and Risto Heikkinen!

Our key fees for 2017 in the Budget remained at the levels decided in the December meeting: Membership is €40/person. The General Sponsor's fee is €150/person.

The child sponsorship fee in 2017 for primary school level is €400; for lower secondary / O-levels it is €530 and for higher secondary / A-levels it is €700. Boarding school fees and tertiary students fees are decided case by case, reflecting the student's budget.