Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society

Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society helps poor Zimbabwean orphans in the Harare township of Dzivarasekwa to receive a basic education. By supporting them, we can increase their human capital and promote their general welfare.

A core principle is that support payments for individual orphans go in full to Zimbabwe for the benefit of the children. Administrative costs in Finland are funded from other sources such as membership fees and other income.

We use sponsors' payments and other donations to pay school fees, to buy school uniforms, sportswear, schoolbooks and equipment, to give the children a daily hot meal, and to pay medical expenses. We also support the orphans' sports and recreation.

Our strengths:

The children's needs define the content and direction of our work.

Sponsors' support goes in its entirety towards the children's expenses.

We have no political or religious affiliation.

The support gives the children long-term, tangible help.

Two-thirds of the children receiving support are girls.

Staff members are thoroughly familiar with each child's situation and background.

Administration is effective and managed by financial experts.

Operations are well established and transparent.

Our financial reporting has been rewarded twice for its high quality.

Sponsors receive regular reports on their own children and on our activities in the field.



The Activity Centre consists of a kitchen/dining hall, an IT lab, a small storage unit, a ball court, a borehole and a vegetable garden. It provides a focus for our work with the children and helps make better use of the resources at our disposal. It also provides permanence and allows new forms of support.

Why not join our society! Annual membership is only €40/person.


WE URGENTLY NEED DONATIONS FOR THE CHILDREN'S DAILY MEAL. The annual budget is about €50,000, which covers one hot meal for all our orphans every day of the year.


For many of the children, this is their only good meal of the day, so please help us if you can. Our account is FI76 1745 3000 0616 40 NDEAFIHH, Ref. 1038